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What is remote learning?

As you know, schools across the country closed in March 2020 due to the covid-19 pandemic. Following this, schools provided parents with a range of resources for them to use during the days of home schooling. Although we all hope that schools can remain open, and will not be affected in a similar way again, it is important for us to have a bank of resources ready for parents - just in case they are needed. This could be for individuals who are self-isolating or for larger groups of children. Effectively, this is a tool to provide lessons that you can use at home with your child(ren). We will update the resources to reflect what we are studying at school.


If your child is off school as an individual due to illness or if they are self-isolating because they, or a family member, has symptoms of COVID-19, please use the resources and guidance below for help about what work to do. Simply click on your child's Year Group button to access resources. If you need support with this, please email us at or call (01452) 712330.


If your child is off school because a whole class is asked to self-isolate, we will provide you with details about which lessons to do each day. We will use Google Classroom for this and we will upload lessons each day. A teacher will be online each day (subject to their own health) to host a live Google Meet via video with the children in each class.


As always, we will keep you updated as best we can and provide as much information as needed.


 Remote Education: Information for Parents 


Year group pages

 Click on your child's year group button to go to a dedicated page for their remote learning resources.



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